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Find yourself a support network of other self employed business owners. Youl find them at the Chamber of Commerce, Networking groups, membership associations.   fivefingers vibram
Youl meet them in coffee shops, professional development seminars, and expos.

I do well with the first part, but the end of work ritual still gets me. When you have a regular job, you shut down your computer, close the office door, lock it behind you, and drive home. This ritual eases you back into your personal world. Chiggers: Chiggers are teenytiny, immature mites that hide in tall grasses and weeds just waiting to strike. They're young and weak, so they seek spots that give them some leverage so they can attach themselves to your skin, such as the waistband of your shorts or under the elastic that holds your socks up.  5 finger vibram
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You want to think of them like a second skin. So if you're just starting out, lace up shoes are a good idea. Because even if you get them too big the first time, you can always lace them up tighter and they'll work in the long run. While the masses have embraced buying a number of products online from books, to appliances to beauty products, many people are still hesitant when it comes to buying clothes and shoes online. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the major reasons is fit issues. Many people may not want to risk buying an item without first trying it on to see how it will fit them.

Make sure you get the size right. Don't go for something that just fits, get the perfect fit and if you are choosing shoes with straps or ties, make sure they can be loosened or fit with a little space between the strap and your skin. Even if the weather is not particularly warm, your feet will swell just from standing on them so much..

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